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Leather Gallery of New York

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Welcome to Leather Gallery of New York.

Leather Gallery of New York: 190 Orchard Street New York City, NY 10002 Telephone: 1-212-477-1083
Why choose us?

We can do this for several reasons that we will reveal to you here. We have been in business in the same area for over 35 years, and we have long relationships with the best fur and leather craftsmen from all over the world. We travel the world and hand select each piece of Women's Fur Outerwear, including mink, chinchilla, sable, fox, Persian lamb, leather jackets, shearlings, exotic skins, designer microfibers and much more. All of these high end women's fur coats and jackets, have to meet many of VIP Leather Gallery standards, including fur quality, cut, craftsmanship, and design. Since we do have these relationships for so many years, and we also buy our luxury womens outerwear in large quantities to meet the needs of our worldwide client base, we can offer excellence for the lowest prices. Remember, each fur is scrutinized, hand picked and ordered by the piece so that there are no second-hand items in our large selection. If any item is sent to us and does not meet all of our standards, it is shipped back to the manufacturer. Now for your part! How do you know which fur to pick? We have tried to make is easier for you with a few helpful guides. First, we would like to make a few suggestions Before You Buy a fur. Also, we have put together a simple Fur Care Guide. And finally, if you are at all confused by any of the different names of the lengths of our Women's Fur Outerwear, then please take a look at our Length and Style Chart for a simple explanation and illustrations.

With Deepest Respect- Leather Gallery of New York!